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A Steam Powered Giraffe drabble. Mild slash


Their dance was slow, languid, forms moving not quite as gracefully as they would have liked. The Spine’s face constantly scrunched up in self-annoyance every time he tripped or missed a step while Rabbit giggled at his own clumsiness. The Spine would then smile at his fellow robot. He was sort of jealous of Rabbit’s easy-going nature, the copper automaton being much more comfortable with their robotic bodies.

Rabbit suddenly frowned, giving the Spine a questioning look. “Are you all r-r-r-right?”

“Hm?” The Spine glanced up into blue and green eyes. “Yes, I’m fine.” He immediately looked down again as he tripped.

“N-n-no, you’re not,” said Rabbit. Music played softly in the background, the song that had them waltzing across the room in the first place long since ending. “What’s wrong?”

The Spine grunted, glaring at his feet. “I keep tripping,” he grumbled. He pouted.

His expression had Rabbit laughing at him, but not condescendingly. “So do I-I-I-I-I!”

“Yeah, but you’ve been doing this longer than I have,” the Spine murmured.

Rabbit stopped moving. “Then let’s try something different.” At the silver automaton’s questioning look, Rabbit smiled. He removed his hand from the Spine’s and instead put it on the silver robot’s shoulder to join the other hand. He snaked both arms around the Spine’s neck, bringing him much closer to his companion. He smiled when steam hissed from the Spine’s spine. If they were human, he was sure that the Spine would have been blushing. “Now you p-p-put your hands o-o-o-o-n my-my hips.”

Very hesitantly, the Spine did as he was told. “Like this?”

Rabbit grinned. “Very good. Now just move your feet.”

Slowly, the Spine as he was told, and soon they were spinning in slow circles around the room. The music continued to play, cycling through song after song that neither paid attention to. Steam escaped the vents in Rabbit’s cheeks as he sighed, humming in contentment.

“This is n-n-n-nice…” he muttered, placing his head against the Spine’s chest.

The Spine nodded in agreement, but stayed quiet. They continued to sway together, Rabbit with his eyes closed and the Spine just staring off into space. At some point, his arms encircled Rabbit’s waist, holding him closer. This was… nice.

It was only when the radio went to commercials that the silver robot finally stopped moving. It took some effort, but he was able to pry Rabbit from his person. He realized then that the shorter bot was practically in stasis.

“I think it’s time we stop,” the Spine whispered.

Rabbit pouted. “Aw.” He didn’t remove his hands from his counterpart’s shoulders. “I was having fun.”

“You’re practically asleep,” the taller automaton pointed out. He smiled down at the copper robot. “We can do this again tomorrow if you want.”

Rabbit brightened up, smiling widely. “Can we?” he asked, excited.

The Spine chuckled. “Sure.”

He was not expecting the soft press of rubber lips against his own black ones. Green eyes widened, whole body going stiff.

Rabbit didn’t move. He just stayed where he was, simply pressing their lips together, nothing more, his eyes closed. Eventually the Spine closed his eyes as well, pressing his lips more firmly against Rabbit’s, moving his lips slightly. Rabbit smiled into their mock kiss, pressing back just as hard.

They soon pulled away from each other, and had they been human, they both would have been blushing. Instead, steam hissed heavily from their vents and they glance shyly away from each other. Their hold on the other never loosened.

The Spine cleared his throat, a habit he picked up from Mr. Reed. “So, uh… tomorrow?” he asked quietly.

Rabbit nodded. “Tomorrow.” Before he pulled away he pressed another light kiss to the silver automaton’s lips, grinning at the wide-eyed look the Spine gave him. He removed his arms his arms and pulled out of the other robot’s loose grip. There was a bounce in his already springy step. “See you then, cowboy.”

With that, he bounded out of the room, leaving a quiet and astounded Spine.

The Spine touched his lips, and with a small smile, left the room to follow his fellow robot.

Neither robot was aware of the three humans recording the whole scene on Michael’s phone.

Was listening to Me and My Baby the whole time I wrote this. And I’ll admit, I totally wrote it so I could make Rabbit call Spine “Cowboy” because it’s adorable.

And Steve, Michael, and Sam amuse me. Just throwing that out there…

And I didn't proofread this. Sorry for any mistakes. I also apologize for the slash. I couldn't help it.

Steam Powered Giraffe (c) The Bennett twins, Michael Reed, Steve Negrete, and Sam Luke
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Odme1 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student General Artist
part 2? ... ;) 
sweetlyevil666 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
that is too cute.
MissingSkeleton Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awwwwwwwwwwwe cuteies!
saikuna Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god thiS IS SO ADORABLE.......
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